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Our team features experienced legal professionals who hold a deep understanding of the variety of challenges that often arise in a wide variety of civil matters. Because we understand each scenario is unique, Jones & Black, P.C. relies on a deeply collaborative approach to identify and address any contingency that might arise. We dig deep to discover the root of an issue, and then begin working immediately to secure the best possible results on your behalf.


At Jones & Black, P.C., we provide comprehensive litigation services from the inception of a case through trial and appeal. Our litigation services include pre-action investigation and assessment of claims and defenses; preparation of pleadings (complaints, answers, replies and third-party practice); preparing and responding to pre-answer motions; all phases of pre-trial discovery, including document and e-discovery and the conducting and defending of depositions; motions for summary judgment; representation at court conferences, hearings and arguments; and representation at trial and on appeal, if necessary. We also negotiate and structure settlements at any point during the litigation process.

We consider it a great privilege and even greater responsibility to take on New York litigation cases, and we will work hard to win. We don’t believe in excuses, we only believe in results.

What makes a successful civil/commercial litigation attorney?

All litigators are lawyers, but not every lawyer is a litigator. And not every litigator is a commercial litigation attorney in New York. When you’re ready to do battle in the courtroom, or at the negotiating table, you need a firm who can win the case or make the deal in the moment – making the right decisions in the heat of battle is what litigation is all about.

Litigation is a very special skill set among lawyers. Litigation is not a theoretical or academic exercise; it takes a unique blend of experience, smarts and good old-fashioned hustle. And New York Commercial Litigation is among the toughest types of litigation – so you need knowledgeable attorneys to achieve your goals.

To be a good attorney means you have to prepare the most, work the hardest, and care the most. At Jones & Black, P.C., we know there is no magic bullet for success; we will put in the hard work. Case are often won or lost long before the parties ever step in the courtroom, and our attorneys know how to strategically handle a case so the outcome is clear before the trial ever comes.

Protecting your rights in the 21st century marketplace requires experienced guidance.

You can depend on our firm to understand your ambitions and formulate innovative strategies to help you achieve your goals.

Saving you time and money.

To prevent needless expenses, Jones & Black, P.C., is committed to keeping clients out of court whenever possible. Your case may be resolved without going to trial thanks to our careful drafting of contracts, business counseling on daily operations, and skilled negotiation services.

Your local solution for quality commercial litigation services:

  • Contract Preparation

  • Business/Commercial/Real Estate Dispute Resolution

  • Non-Disclosure Contracts

  • Restrictive Covenants and Non-Compete Agreements

  • Employment Disputes / Wrongful Termination

  • Workplace Harassment / Discrimination

  • Related Litigation

Jones & Black, P.C. is a full-service law office with proven success in a wide variety of civil practice areas

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